...front woman Jeanice Lee's incisive vocals - it's the sound you'd hear if blades could cry" (Fireworks Magazine album review)


Discover the distinctive sound of Jeanicelee

A unique blend of modern, melodic, guitar-fuelled heavy rock/metal with progressive and symphonic elements. Fronted by Jeanice’s deep emotive vocals and supported by Marco’s neoclassical style lead guitar, Jamie’s driving bass and Tony’s impactful drumming, we tell stories with powerful melodies.

Jeanice Lee - Vocals and rhythm guitar
 Marco Morelli - Lead guitar
Jamie Hunter - Bass
Tony Hodge - Drums

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Upcoming shows

10/03/2024 - Bannermans, Edinburgh (Revellers/WEBB/Jeanicelee)
26/04/2024 - The Flying Duck, Glasgow (Long Arm Weekender 2024)
01/06/2024 - Ivory Blacks, Glasgow (Watermelon Live Promotions Presents...)
22/06/2024 - The Rum Runner, Whitehaven (Jeanicelee)
10/08/2024 - Jollee's Cabaret, Stoke-On-Trent (EBB/Jeanicelee/Tourniquet)

More to follow