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Urban Legends (album)

Released on 03/06/2022 | Produced by Ramage Productions
Jeanicelee's second album contains 8 tracks telling 8 unique stories that document personal journeys, cautionary tales and wider observations of world events, all told through Jeanice's deep emotive vocals in a distinctive blend of modern heavy rock. Available digitally and on CD.

1. Overhaul
2. Back In Our Cage
3. From The Ashes
4. Liquid Gold
5. Never Was
6. Divine Red Roses
7. Walk Away From Me
8. The City We Used To Know

Cover artwork by Joan Llopis Domenech
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From The Ashes (single)

Released on 08/04/2022 | Produced by Ramage Productions

Second single from Jeanicelee’s upcoming new album “Urban Legends”. Dreams have their way of resurrecting themselves in our hearts and minds no matter how much they are buried or suppressed, just like the phoenix rises from the ashes. It is never too late to start anew. Never give up on your dreams. Available digitally only.

1. From The Ashes

Cover artwork by Jeanice Lee | Photo by Giuselle De Biasi, G9 Studio

Back In Our Cage (single)

Released on 18/02/2022 | Produced by Ramage Productions

First single from Jeanicelee's long awaited new album "Urban Legends", inspired by the sights of empty streets and cities around the world brought on by the worldwide lockdown. This was when nature took a break from us.The radio edit version is a condensed, full-on epic showcase of the new heavier direction of the band. Available digitally only.

1. Back In Our Cage
2. Back In Our Cage - Radio Edit

Cover artwork by Jeanice Lee | Photo by Giuselle De Biasi, G9 Studio

Christmas In C Minor /
My Heart Is Complicated (double A-side singles)

Released on 04/12/2020  | Produced by Ramage Productions

Featuring Christmas In C Minor - the ultimate alternative Christmas song, an epic 7-minute emotional roller-coaster! And My Heart Is Complicated - one of the band's live favourites, pouring out high energy and strong emotions with a driving groove. Available digitally and on Limited Edition CD containing 2 bonus live tracks.

1. Christmas In C Minor
2. My Heart Is Complicated
3. Freefall (Live In Studio, November 2019)
4. World Of Fallacy (Live In Studio, November 2019)

Cover artwork by Dave Cameron Photography (Christmas In C Minor)
Cover artwork by Demi Nikolova (My Heart In Complicated)

Our City (single)

Released on 27/09/2019 | Produced by Ramage Productions

Jeanice Lee's follow-up single features a heavy rock sound. Inspired by recent events in Jeanice's home town, it is about the courage and determination to fight for freedom and against oppression. Available digitally and on CD.

1. Our City
2. Our City - Radio Edit

Cover artwork by Iced World

Beyond Never (album)

Released on 21/03/2019 | Produced by Ramage Productions

Jeanice Lee's debut album is a rich collection of modern, timeless rock songs that span across different eras and rock sub-genres documenting personal journeys and urban legends, all underpinned by Jeanice’s captivating voice and trademark dark songwriting style. Available digitally and on CD.

1. Beyond Never
2. Freefall
3. Dark Cellar
4. A Date To Die For
5. On The Line
6. World Of Fallacy [Explicit]
7. Skulls And Bones
8. Restless
9. Exit Sign
10. North Star
11. Let The Music

Cover artwork by Iced World