Meet The Band

Jeanice Lee | Vocalist and rhythm guitar

Marco Morelli | Lead guitar

Leen Hodge | Bass

Tony Hodge | Drums


Jeanicelee brings a unique blend of modern, melodic, guitar-fuelled heavy rock with wide-ranging influences from classic rock to prog rock, to old school heavy metal. Fronted by Jeanice’s deep emotive vocals and supported by Marco’s neoclassical style lead guitar, Leen’s driving bass and Tony’s impactful drumming,  we tell stories with powerful melodies.  

“Never too late to start anew and pursue your dreams” was what Jeanice said to herself 5 years ago. Knowing that her innate desire to make and play music would never go away, she decided to confront it head on. The first couple of years of her musical journey was spent on learning the guitar, writing songs, performing in open mics, and putting a band together. The band went on to release their first album “Beyond Never” in 2019 and organise a series of gigs in Scotland to support the album release. They also supported various touring bands, played at the Wildfire Festival and Maidens of Music Festival, and headlined a Musicians Against Homelessness gig before Covid struck. With their new album “Urban Legends” due out this year, 2022 will see Jeanicelee introducing their heavier direction to the world and gigging around the country promoting their new album and reaching new audiences. 

In describing Jeanicelee’s music, here are what some people in the music scene have to say: 

"there’s definitely something just a bit different about this band which keeps things interesting" (Rockfiend, 2022)

"Jeanice Lee is a real growing talent and definitely one to keep an eye on" (Moshville Times, 2020)

"Jeanice definitely brings originality and freshness to her music" (Rockfiend, 2020)

"(Beyond Never) is easily one of the best albums we have heard yet" (Alternative Promotions, 2019)

"strong operatic vocals" (NE Volume, 2019)

"very distinctive voice….(Beyond Never) is an excellent debut, well produced and presented" (The Rocker, 2019)

"distinct and contemporary sound" (Fabrications HQ, 2019)

"power and melodic excellence" (Independent Music Showcase, 2019)

"mesmerising voice" (Small Music Scene, 2019)