Album review: Beyond Never (2019)


By Alternative Promotions UK

If Jeanice Lee's debut album was a whisky, it'd be a complex and spicy single malt Scotch, with just the right amount of sweetness. In other words, 'Beyond Never' is about as close to perfect as a soft rock album can be, featuring both highs and lows, with plenty of depth and dark undertones.

The album kicks off with the title track, Beyond Never and, Jeanice Lee's immense voice practically flooding your ears with a musical melody - I can already tell I'm gonna really like this album - then the music kicks in, with an upbeat, almost playful tempo through to the end, featuring some sick licks and a kick-ass beat. "Nothing lasts forever" but, I kinda wish this song did...

Freefall has a strong classic rock feel to it, very close to the legends of rock AC/DC - the only real difference is the vocals, which in no way detract from how epic this track is - if anything, Jeanice's deep, emotive vocals are a perfect contrast to the dirtier riffs of this track. Simply brilliant.

Slowing things down a bit with Dark Cellar, which is a soulful, beautifully dark song, dripping with emotion through its evocative lyrics and haunting melodies. It's one of those songs that I almost feel guilty listening to, with such a pure and innocent sound, it's all kinds of beautiful.

A Date To Die For is a moving, emotionally charged song, with hypnotic vocals that'll make you feel things and a sexy, exciting melody that won't be lost on fans of Halestorm (and similar bands).

With a seductive melody from the first note, captivating vocals and a gentle - almost flirtatious - bassline, On The Line hits you right in the feels. One of the most beautiful songs you'll hear this week, bar none.

World Of Fallacy features some kick-ass lyrics, an uplifting tempo and some subtle grunge elements (from around the 1:30 mark). A well-rounded track with a strong bassline, lots of guitar action and, a really punchy drumbeat.

Skulls And Bones is an eerily light but deep track, erring more towards the acoustic side, with only a light dose of bass accompaniment, allowing for a softer side to Jeanice's vocals that will completely entrance you.

Kicking off with a rather understated intro, Restless quickly launches a killer riff - synonymous with all things hard rock - with some beefy bass and saucy licks, all the while in perfect harmony with Jeanice's amazing voice. Truly epic.

Exit Sign, despite the name, is not the end of this album but in fact, another powerful, expressive piece of music, with evocative lows leading to power-ballad style highs, courtesy of a near-perfect blend of elegant beats, seductive riffs and Jeanice's seemingly flawless vocal range. If this song doesn't pull at your heart strings, you might wanna check your pulse.

Filled with some of the sexiest riffs on the whole album, North Star has a real gentleness to it, almost as if it'd break if you play it too loud (it won't ;-) ) and, Jeanice's superb vocals just seem to pour out effortlessly, resulting in one of the most captivating ballads around.

Finishing things off in style is Let The Music, another of the more 'classic rock' sounding tracks, coupled with some subtle country rock elements, resulting in a very fresh, upbeat tune that just leaves you wanting more.

'Beyond Never' is available now from iTunes and Amazon, see below for the links and, make sure you 'Like' Jeanice Lee's Facebook page, to keep up with her gigs and new material.