Album review: Beyond Never (2019)


By Independent Music Showcase


Jeanice Lee - 'Beyond Never.'

This is the debut album by Jeanice and is placed firmly in the melodic rock genre. The album opens with the title track 'Beyond Never' and I have to say I was slightly unsure but then we get to 'Freefall' and the album ignites. This is one of my favourites with great riffs and hooks. 'Dark Cellar' is a superb chilled out tune and perfectly illustrates the power and melodic excellence of the vocal. 'A date to die for' slides us straight back to awesome guitar melodies and by the time I got to 'World of Fallacy' I was a big fan. Very well produced, this is an album of very well written songs. I could quite happily talk about every track but that could get tedious. Final track 'Let the Music' is yet again a showcase of how good this is. We are hopeful that we will be able to catch the band live. The album is available on all major platforms and should most definitely be on your playlist. 10/10