Gig review: Club Nitty Gritty 24 - Only Leith Can Break Your Heart

07/06/2019 - The Village, Edinburgh

By Billy Watson, Billy WatsOn TV

I was looking for something to do on a Friday evening when I spotted an event called ‘‘Only Leith Can Break Your Heart" which was a Neil Young tribute night at a venue called The Village in Leith and indeed it was part of the Leith Festival.

It had already started at 6pm but I decided to take a drive through to catch the last couple of hours and I am really glad I did.

When I got there the bar was totally packed and I couldn’t get as close to the front as I wanted but after a while a space appeared and I stood front and centre, ready to rock.

I caught the last 4 acts and all of them were very good but I think Jeanice Lee stood out, not least because of Jeanice’s awesome vocals.

She told me that her band released an album in March 2019 and you can you can check it out on youtube here. [link does not work]