Gig review: Support to Cornerstone

24/07/2019  Bannermans, Edinburgh

By Iain McArthur, Rockfiend Publications Scotland

Jeanice Lee (that’s pronounced ‘jeen-iss’) is the opening act tonight and she delivers an intriguing set. A comparatively late starter in music, Jeanice has already demonstrated her song writing and vocal quality on self-funded debut album ‘Beyond Never’ which she is promoting tonight.

Sensibly, Jeanice has surrounded herself with an experienced band, notably Marco Morelli (Baader-Meinhoff Experience, Heartbreak Diet) on guitar who shines throughout. It’s difficult to label the music; Hong Kong-born Jeanice brings a beautiful, distinctive voice and poetic lyrics – there’s ballads, blues and classic riffs but its always melodic.

After overcoming a slight wardrobe malfunction, Jeanice visibly grows in confidence throughout the show. It’s a strong performance and they finish with album closer ‘Let the Music’ which is about following your dreams – exactly what the lady is doing.

The band will be playing the NR Rocks charity gig at The Dreadnought on 3rd August and The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh on Wednesday 21st August.