Single Review: From The Ashes (2022)

By Darren MacIntyre, Jace Media

Jeanice Lee is a little package of explosive rock n roll that blends modern, melodic guitar fuelled heavy rock with old school heavy metal. Jeanice' journey began 5 years ago upon learning guitar, writing songs & performing at open mic nights in a bid to hone her skills and finally showcase her talents before putting a band together. 2019 brought the release of the bands first album Beyond Never and gave them the opportunity to play at Wildfire, Maidens Of Music & headline Musicians A gains Homelessness. 2022 brings new album Urban Legends and from that we have had blistering single Back In Our Cage which I reviewed a few weeks back, next up is new offering From The Ashes, please ready yourselves as I dive in.
From The Ashes - From the get go we get a real sizzling melodic guitar riff that opens this symphonic rock track up and lets the groove pour in. We have a solid snare drum punch that surrounds us as bass drum kicks work in tandem with cymbal crashes that have depth, bass chords are handing us a full on plundering groove that just wraps itself around this gritty rocking monster that has a real anthemic feel. Vocals are reaching new heights as they carve open this punchy track with rasping tones that just melt all over this killer piece of music, a cool sizzling guitar solo explodes and hands us slick clean licks that flow effortlessly through the mid section and just elevate this fantastic track to the next level. There is a real theatrical feel to this piece as Jeanice throws everything but the kitchen sink at this awesome track and boy does it show as the groove just washes over us. Blistering vocals with a real edgy guitar riff that just brings this incredible arrangement together.