Gig review: NR Rocks

03/08/2019  DreadnoughtRock, Bathgate

By Ross Muir, Fabrications HQ

The Edinburgh based Jeanice Lee band are a guitar led quartet that can genuinely claim to have a highly individualist, distinct and contemporary sound, as heard to interesting dark, melodic rock effect on Jeanice Lee’s debut album, Beyond Never.

Much of that album was showcased on the band’s thirty-five minute opening set of the 2019 edition of NR Rocks, an annual event held at the DreadnoughtRock in Bathgate in aid of Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy.

Given that music can be such a powerful, therapeutic and impacting tool, as championed by the great work of Nordoff Robbins, it was fitting that the three acts performing at NR Rocks were all equally impacting.
Opening with the title track of the album, complete with A cappella and vocal effect intro, 'Beyond Never' is a quirky and melodically dark-rocking affair that doubles as the perfect "this is Jeanice Lee" introduction both musically and vocally/ lyrically (Lee’s lyricism flits from the personal and inner self to the wider world; don’t expect the usual rock ‘n’ roll clichés here, folks).

Elsewhere in the set 'Freefall' delivered euro-rock appeal while contrast came by way of the slower or softer rock approaches, such as hauntingly arranged 'Dark Cellar,' which showcased Jeanice Lee’s distinct vocal style.