Single review: Our City (2019)


By NE Volume

‘Our City’, the new single from North East-based rock outfit Jeanice Lee, gives off symphonic metal vibes and strong operatic vocals. Backed by heavy rock guitars, distorted bass and heavy drums, these elements thread together seamlessly.

The track has similar qualities to work from bands such as Winter in Eden and Within Temptation with the heavy rock vibes, the epic lead guitar solos and a powerful female singer fronting.

When learning of Jeanice’s connection to Hong Kong the lyrics suddenly develop a new layer of depth: connecting the story conveyed through the lyrics to the recent events in Hong Kong, with the Chinese Government trying to encroach on Hong Kong’s rights to freedom.

The lyrics and connections make what is already a great song into a beautiful, strong and empowering piece of music.

You can listen to the track now on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Andrew Lockey