A Date To Die For

It’s killing me inside
My heart cannot lie
You’re always on my mind
You’re killing me now
But I know that somehow
You’d always be on my mind

I’m alone now
Feeling that you’re a date to die for
It’d be worth the while

You’re looking at me now
Your eyes become my sight
A shade of blue and white
You’re kissing me now
With your lips over mine
Your heart creeps inside mine

Let me feel the pulse that beats
I can give you what you need
Let me free you from the insane
All you need is to be unchained
Let me stop the pain that you feel
Enter my world of the surreal
Let me hold your heart when it breaks
You’d be free before daybreak

Written by Marco Morelli, Jeanice Lee
Vocals and rhythm guitar arranged and performed by Jeanice Lee
Lead guitar arranged and performed by Marco Morelli
Bass arranged and performed by Leen Hodge
Drums arranged and performed by Graeme Hamilton
Additional arrangement by Bryan Ramage
Backing vocals by Jeanice Lee, Bryan Ramage
Produced by Bryan Ramage, Ramage Productions