Back In Our Cage

Lost in mindless thoughts
Caught out by a blind spot
Put on our tip toes
Fall like deranged dominoes

Back in our cage
Awaiting is our inner demon
Some scream in rage
Glaring at the Garden of Eden
Seven seas find solace
At the edges of old heaven
Some of us find peace
As the nature heals from us and our virulence

Believe in nurture
And forces of nature
It’s not beyond repair
If we dare to care

We’ve arrived at the crossroads of fate
With the doors of truth once again open
Cause-and-effect is coming of age
When our evaded conscience can no longer escape
Get back in your cage

Written by Jeanice Lee, Marco Morelli
Vocals and rhythm guitar arranged and performed by Jeanice Lee
Lead guitar arranged and performed by Marco Morelli
Bass arranged and performed by Leen Hodge
Drums arranged and performed by Tony Hodge
Additional arrangement by Bryan Ramage
Backing vocals by Jeanice Lee, Bryan Ramage
Produced by Bryan Ramage, Ramage Productions