Exit Sign


Here is where I am, always rushing along
To where I'm meant to go, somewhere I don't belong
I'm still holding on, gripping the edge tightly
But you let go of me, even unknowingly

I'm here at the gate of departure
Never thought I'd be at this juncture
Shimmering glitter of the tail light
Shines a million stars in my eyes
In between thin layers of chiffon clouds
That exit sign is all I see now
A trail of my teardrops is left behind
All the way to the exit sign

I am letting go, my hands you never held
Amid this love decay, my heart was not what failed
So here is where we are, the end of our story
We both have not a thing, just some fading memories

Never wanted more than you could give
Let’s call this pain your parting gift
Loving you don’t set me free
Now I know…not even you could break me