My Heart Is Complicated

(Lee and Morelli)

My heart is complicated
Aching is how I tend to keep it
They say first cut is the deepest
I'd say with each cut old wounds deepen

My heart is complicated
My sleeve is where I like to wear it
They say what’s yours won't go pass
All I know is nothing really lasts

They ask me why I always sing these sad tunes
I guess I've always known that I would die
Leaving pieces of my heart behind
Scattered in deserts among sand dunes
I feel like I had already died many many times

My heart is complicated
Un-break is what I try to make it
They say time heals old wounds one day
I guess I'm learning it the hard way 

My heart is complicated
Through its paces is how I've put it
My heartaches are mine for keeps
To know that I have lived and let live