Never Was

The shadow on the ceiling reflects
The grey between you and me
Your scent on my skin deflects
The irony it’s meant to be

My reasoning starts to struggle
As I let you creep into my mind
The silver lining starts to crumble
Around the edges of borrowed time

Walk through the red burning flames
Stare blankly at these walls
Fall in the trap of your game
Mourn for something that never was
Plunge to the depth of the dark
Catch my breath between the falls
Sink in my own drowned heart
Mourn for something that never was

The hands we play mustn't compromise
The forbidden part of the heart
For vanity we rationalise
The contradictions we impart

The heart weakens when we exhume
What's left of the forgotten
For normality we must resume
The pretences of the unspoken

You can't break a heart you don't possess
Even though you may feel compelled
You can sit on the sidelines no less
And watch me scorch mine as I bid farewell

Credits: Written by Jeanice Lee
Vocals and rhythm guitar arranged and performed by Jeanice Lee
Lead guitar arranged and performed by Marco Morelli
Bass arranged and performed by Leen Hodge
Drums arranged and performed by Tony Hodge
Additional arrangement by Bryan Ramage
Backing vocals by Jeanice Lee
Produced by Bryan Ramage, Ramage Productions