Propagandas and agendas
All these years of laundering brains
A concerted overture
To a lifetime in ball and chain
Feel the heat as the plot thickens
All these years of slow burning
Illusion is the old villain
But the bomb of truth is still ticking

Centre of the universe you ain’t
Cracks are all over your wall
If we burn you burn with us
You can’t kill and silence us all
Great saviour of the world you ain’t
We’re ready for an overhaul
The people will wake up one day
And chant victory to your fall

Fill front pages with more lies
All these years to erase the past
Your history is written with blood
No matter how you control the blast

Strike the iron of oppression
Pride has left you in denial
No lesser evil in contention
Nothing is left to reconcile

Written by Jeanice Lee, Marco Morelli
Vocals and rhythm guitar arranged and performed by Jeanice Lee
Lead guitar arranged and performed by Marco Morelli
Bass arranged and performed by Leen Hodge
Drums arranged and performed by Tony Hodge
Backing vocals by Jeanice Lee
Produced by Bryan Ramage, Ramage Productions