The City We Used To Know

We used to know this place
A city of peace
A city of dreams
Now it’s burst at the seams
It was one of a kind
A city of minds
A city of hearts
Somehow it’s ripped apart

Light a candle, say a goodbye
To the city we used to know

We walked the walk that made us cry
We fought the fight with all our might
We talked the talk with our tongues now tied
We hope our hopes don’t die tonight

Freedom was its soul
A city of gold
A city of strides
It was killed off for pride
We so love this place
A city of grace
A city with no fear
Overnight it disappeared

Written by Jeanice Lee, Marco Morelli
Vocals and rhythm guitar arranged and performed by Jeanice Lee
Lead guitar arranged and performed by Marco Morelli
Bass arranged and performed by Leen Hodge
Drums arranged and performed by Tony Hodge
Additional arrangement by Bryan Ramage
Backing vocals by Jeanice Lee, Bryan Ramage
Produced by Bryan Ramage, Ramage Productions