Urban Legends cover artwork - A labour of love!

The cover design took a lot of time and work to achieve! I wanted the album cover to have references of all eight songs, even vaguely. The cover is actually a continuous piece of artwork that can only be appreciated in CD format. In order to communicate my idea, I drew up a detailed brief and discussed with the artist I commissioned - Spanish illustrator Joan Llopis Domenech.  The narrative goes like this….

The River of Gold (Liquid Gold) divides the City of Never (Never Was) and the Garden of Eden (Back In Our Cage). The City Of Never is where people are now suffering and being persecuted (The City We Used To Know), while the people at the Garden of Eden uses force to keep them there and carry on with their own lives as if nothing is happening (Walk Away From Me). High up in the sky, my unchained Phoenix (From The Ashes) flies high above the landscape (Divine Red Roses) of the two deeply divided places. Something needs to be done to this world full of inequalities (Overhaul). On the other side of the man-made wall, the sunset remains the most beautiful when people are locked in their homes (Back In Our Cage).

Here you can see the whole vision in a 360° panoramic image!